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  1. Notorious Arizona Anti-Immigration Law Coming to Illinois?

    March 14, 2011News updateImmigration, Racial Justice
  2. New York Times: Arizona Ruling Only a Narrow Opening for Other States

    June 26, 2012News updateImmigration
  3. Losing the War Against ISIS – Turning a Deaf Ear to Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar – and Losing Ourselves

    November 20, 2015News updateImmigration, National Security
  4. ACLU Encouraged by Passage of Senate Immigration Reform Bill

    June 27, 2013News updateImmigration
  5. New limits announced on ICE's solitary confinement of immigrants

    September 9, 2013News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Immigration
  6. ACLU: Standing up for fairness to immigrants in Cook County

    February 9, 2012News updateImmigration
  7. Supreme Court decision in Arizona v. U.S.

    June 25, 2012News updateImmigration
  8. DACA in Illinois – “My Whole Life is Here”

    August 18, 2017News updateImmigration
  9. DACA in Illinois– “DACA was Born Out of Activism”

    August 22, 2017News updateImmigration
  10. DACA in Illinois – Diana’s Story

    August 15, 2017News updateImmigration