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  1. ACLU of Illinois asks state supreme court to protect public participation in public policy debates

    June 6, 2011Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  2. City, ACLU and American Friends Service Committee Settle Litigation

    April 26, 2011Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  3. ACLU of Illinois calls on Chicago City Council to reject ordinances adding unnecessary burdens to expression

    January 17, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, Government Surveillance
  4. Victory for First Amendment Right to Audio Record Police

    May 8, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, Police Practices and Racial Justice
  5. ACLU hosting "Know Your Rights" events

    April 25, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  6. ACLU of Illinois calls on Secret Service to make public security plans for NATO summit by end of the day on Monday

    April 20, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, National Security
  7. ACLU of Illinois continues opposition to amended ordinances on demonstration rules, urges City Council to expand oversight of surveillance cameras

    January 18, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, Government Surveillance
  8. Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction Issued in Eavesdropping Case

    December 21, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  9. ACLU of Illinois, EFF ask state supreme to strike down limits on free speech in cumbersome sex offender laws

    April 7, 2016Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  10. Statement on Senate Joint Resolution 59 affecting academic freedom

    March 31, 2014Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy