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  1. ACLU of Illinois Reacts to Inspector General’s Advisory to CPD on Secret Predictive Policing Databases

    January 23, 2020Press releasePolice Practices and Racial Justice
  2. Expert Report on Health Care in Illinois Prisons Finds Many Challenges Ahead in Efforts for Reform

    January 24, 2020Press releaseInstitutionalized Persons
  3. ACLU of Illinois Reacts to IDOC’s Filing in Monroe v. Jeffreys

    January 28, 2020Press releaseLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy, Institutionalized Persons
  4. Voting and the Criminal Justice System

    January 21, 2020CampaignVoting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  5. Healthy Youth Act

    January 27, 2020Legislation
  6. SB 3414: Protecting Household Privacy Act (PHPA)

    January 27, 2020LegislationGovernment Accountability and Personal Privacy
  7. SB 1594: Repeal the Forced Parental Involvement Law

    January 27, 2020LegislationWomen's and Reproductive Rights