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  1. Protesting in Chicago

    January 14, 2015Know Your RightsFirst Amendment Advocacy
  2. Students' Free Speech Rights in Public Schools

    March 13, 2018Know Your RightsFirst Amendment Advocacy
  3. Engaging with Law Enforcement

    October 3, 2011Know Your Rights
  4. Know Your Rights If Stopped By ICE

    July 12, 2019Know Your Rights
  5. Know Your Rights – Domestic, Sexual, & Gender Violence Survivors At Work

    August 12, 2019Know Your Rights
  6. Rights of Children & Youth in DCFS Care

    June 18, 2019Know Your Rights
  7. Know Your Rights - Voting in Illinois

    February 4, 2020Know Your RightsVoting Rights
  8. Reproductive Rights While Incarcerated

    June 17, 2021Know Your RightsWomen's and Reproductive Rights, Institutionalized Persons
  9. Know Your Rights - Marijuana Use in Illinois

    January 6, 2020Know Your Rights
  10. Know Your Rights When Protesting

    June 16, 2020Know Your Rights