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  1. Statement on media reports of police spying on protest groups

    April 10, 2016News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy, Police Practices and Racial Justice, Government Accountability and Personal Privacy
  2. ACLU Letter to UIC on Trump Rally

    March 11, 2016News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy
  3. ACLU of Illinois, EFF ask state supreme to strike down limits on free speech in cumbersome sex offender laws

    April 7, 2016Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  4. Statement on the Introduction of House Bill 4419

    February 11, 2016Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  5. Statement on settlement reached with Teutopolis School District on use of buses/school officials to facilitate religious classes

    April 20, 2016Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  6. Katzman and Webber v. Bernadine’s Stillman Inn

    April 28, 2016CaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, Religious Liberty
  7. People v. Minnis

    April 6, 2016CaseFirst Amendment Advocacy