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  1. ACLU of Illinois joins statewide coalition to introduce HB 4469 to expand voter access and education in Illinois jails

    February 7, 2018Press releaseVoting Rights
  2. Statement on Approval of HB 4469 by House Elections and Campaign Finance Committee

    April 11, 2018Press releaseVoting Rights, Institutionalized Persons
  3. ACLU responds to Illinois House expanding ability to vote

    April 24, 2018Press releaseVoting Rights
  4. Victory for Voter Access in Illinois as Court Dismisses Election Day Registration Lawsuit

    May 22, 2018Press releaseVoting Rights
  5. Statement on Approval of HB 4469 by the Illinois Senate

    May 23, 2018Press releaseVoting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  6. UPDATE: Kendall County Clerk's Office Will Correct Misleading Voter Information

    September 26, 2018Press releaseVoting Rights
  7. Vote Like Your Rights Depend On It! 2018 Election

    September 5, 2018CampaignVoting Rights
  8. Attorney General Candidate Questionnaire

    September 27, 2018CampaignVoting Rights
  9. Attorney General Candidate Questionnaire: Bubba Harsy's Answers

    September 26, 2018PageVoting Rights
  10. HB 4469: Expand Voting in Jails

    March 2, 2018LegislationVoting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform