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  1. New York Times: U.S. Criticizes Zero-Tolerance Policies in Schools

    January 8, 2014News updateRacial Justice
  2. Is Race Discrimination in School Discipline a Real Problem?

    January 9, 2014News updateRacial Justice
  3. The News-Gazette: Disparity in traffic stops not limited to one city

    January 26, 2014News updateRacial Justice
  4. Honoring Fred Korematsu: 1/30/1919-3/30/2005

    January 29, 2014News updateImmigration, Racial Justice
  5. Chicago Sun Times: 911 dispatch times vary widely around city

    March 31, 2014News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice
  6. Fairfield Citizen: Racial profiling prevention bill passes Ill. House

    March 28, 2014News updateRacial Justice
  7. Gate News: Charges against outreach workers dropped

    May 20, 2014News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice
  8. Wins

    May 30, 2014News updateGovernment Accountability and Personal Privacy, Racial Justice, Women's and Reproductive Rights
  9. Chicago Sun-Times: Elite CPS high schools need to reconsider race as factor

    July 21, 2014News updateRacial Justice
  10. Ferguson is Everytown, U.S.A.

    August 19, 2014News updatePolice Practices and Racial Justice, Racial Justice