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  1. Court hears arguments in case challenging constitutionality of law granting immunity to telecommunications’ companies for spying

    August 31, 2011Press releaseGovernment Surveillance, National Security, Government Accountability and Personal Privacy
  2. Nursing Home Residents with Disabilities Celebrate Proposed Agreement with State in Landmark Lawsuit

    August 30, 2011Press releaseRights of Persons with Disabilities
  3. Summary Judgment in Catholic Charities Case against DCFS

    August 18, 2011Press releaseLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  4. ACLU Seeks Details on Phone Tracking by Chicago Police

    August 3, 2011Press releaseGovernment Surveillance, Open Government, Government Accountability and Personal Privacy
  5. ACLU challenges Catholic Charities policies on behalf of children in DCFS care

    August 1, 2011Press releaseChildren's Rights