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  1. Drug-sniffing dogs are wrong more than right

    January 6, 2011News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy, Government Surveillance, Racial Justice
  2. Pregnancy Discrimination: it's illegal, even in bars.

    January 12, 2011News updateWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  3. Breaking: Victory! Illinois Senate Votes to End the Death Penalty

    January 11, 2011News updateDeath Penalty Abolition
  4. Finally... Illinois Death Penalty Repeal Awaits Gov. Quinn's Signature

    January 13, 2011News updateDeath Penalty Abolition
  5. A "Near-Death Experience" for Death Penalty Abolition in Illinois

    January 10, 2011News updateDeath Penalty Abolition
  6. Act Now! Push Death Penalty Repeal in Illinois Past the Finish Line

    January 20, 2011News updateDeath Penalty Abolition
  7. Standing up for the First Amendment in Chicago

    January 27, 2011News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy, Religious Liberty
  8. Breaking: House votes to end Illinois' broken death penalty system

    January 7, 2011News updateDeath Penalty Abolition
  9. Download the Brief

    January 19, 2011News updateDeath Penalty Abolition, LGBTQ and HIV Advocacy, Government Accountability and Personal Privacy
  10. ACLU of Illinois, medical groups ask court to protect vulnerable teens from "unfortunate" legislation

    January 20, 2011News updateWomen's and Reproductive Rights