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  1. Standing up for the First Amendment in Chicago

    January 27, 2011News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy, Religious Liberty
  2. Bills We Oppose: HB 1371 - School Choice Act

    February 23, 2011News updateReligious Liberty
  3. Religious Beliefs Should Not Dictate Insurance Coverage For Reproductive Health Care

    March 1, 2011News updateReligious Liberty, Women's and Reproductive Rights
  4. Oppose Discrimination - NO on SB 1993

    March 7, 2011News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy, Religious Liberty
  5. Illinois Pharmacists Can Refuse Emergency Contraception, Judge Rules

    April 6, 2011News updateReligious Liberty, Women's and Reproductive Rights
  6. Mormons Should Join ACLU, says University President

    April 19, 2011News updateReligious Liberty
  7. New Regulation Proposes Government-Funding of Religion

    May 13, 2011News updateReligious Liberty
  8. Chicago Tribune: Settlement reached in Muslim's suit over denial of time off for hajj

    October 19, 2011News updateReligious Liberty
  9. Sherman v. Koch

    January 5, 2011CaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, Religious Liberty