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  1. Chicago Tribune: For Voters, A Registration Renaissance is Within Reach

    December 6, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  2. Decision in challenge to Illinois’ Election Day Registration System

    September 27, 2016Press releaseVoting Rights
  3. Civil rights groups ask court to protect voting opportunities for November election

    August 31, 2016Press releaseVoting Rights
  4. Good News for the Right to Vote

    October 17, 2008News updateVoting Rights
  5. ABC News: ACLU Sues Florida Over Voter Purge Program

    June 14, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  6. PeoriaJournalStar: Advocates share advice on preventing voter suppression

    September 26, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  7. Before you go to the polls

    October 30, 2014News updateVoting Rights
  8. Making your voice (and vote) count!

    October 23, 2014News updateVoting Rights
  9. Statement on SCOTUS Decision in Shelby County v. Holder

    June 25, 2013Press releaseVoting Rights
  10. Right to Vote Threatened

    July 6, 2012News updateVoting Rights