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  1. Testimony on Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act

    March 6, 2013News update
  2. Chicago Tribune: The Drone Future

    March 11, 2013News updateGovernment Surveillance, Police Practices and Racial Justice, Government Accountability and Personal Privacy
  3. WBEZ: Lawyers continue fight against CHA drug testing

    March 12, 2013News updateGovernment Accountability and Personal Privacy
  4. Galesburg Register-Mail: St. Mary's Square residents about to embark on new home life

    March 12, 2013News updateRights of Persons with Disabilities
  5. Chicago Tribune: Voice of the People, DNA Collection

    March 18, 2013News updateGovernment Accountability and Personal Privacy
  6. Chicago Tribune Opinion: Collateral consequences of stop-and-frisk

    March 6, 2013News updateRacial Justice
  7. Open Letter to Illinois

    March 8, 2013News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  8. Defending the contraceptive coverage rule

    March 8, 2013News updateWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  9. Dawn Clark Netsch

    March 5, 2013News update