Raw Story reported the United States military intelligence spied on Planned Parenthood along with a white supremacist group as part of a safety precaution for the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.

According to the article, the information was found Feb 25 in a recently declassified military document by a civil liberties group. Raw Story reported:

Referring to an incident where military intelligence personnel distributed information about FBI spying on the 2002 Olympics, the inspector general's office tersely remarked that an "intelligence oversight violation occurred."

"The document... contained US Persons data in referring to an reporting on organizations (Planned Parenthood, the white supremacist group National Alliance) and their involvement in protests and literature distribution," the inspector's office wrote. "Also noted was the report contained a large section labeled "GENERAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY." Collection and dissemination of US Persons information by military intelligence assets is not allowed unless this information constitutes "Foreign Intelligence."

An article from Wired said:

The reports provide little context for the information that's disclosed, leaving the public to wonder about the nature and extent of the information and surveillance revealed in them.

Pertaining to the Planned Parenthood members, for example, the oversight report provides no explanation about how the information was collected. Nor does it indicate why the information was collected and notes only that military intelligence is not allowed to collect and disseminate information on U.S. persons unless the information constitutes "foreign intelligence." The report indicates that the collection was therefore "clearly outside the purview of military intelligence" and should have been handled by law enforcement.

According to Wired, this document and other intelligence-activity disclosures were released to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in response to an ongoing Freedom of Information Act project it is conducting.