The Northwest Herald wrote a fantastic article featuring two women's stories about their decisions on whether or not to have abortions and how they dealt with including their families. The Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act, which is currently under injunction and not being enforced, would require a medical provider to notify an adult family member 48 hours before performing an abortion. The ACLU of Illinois believes this act violates the constitutional rights of young women across Illinois, and threatens their personal health and safety. The Northwest Herald writes:

The Parental Notice Act, and its proponents, state that unemancipated minors are not mature enough to make decisions about abortion without such guidance. Detractors, including the American Civil Liberties Union, insist that the law violates the women’s constitutional right to privacy and also puts some teens at risk of abuse.

“The blanket mandate of requiring every teen to acquire parental notice harms rather than advances the health and safety of young woman,” said Leah Bartelt, staff counsel for the ACLU of Illinois. “Specifically there are some who will be subject to physical and verbal abuse if they have to tell a family member.”

Provisions in the law that let some teens out of the requirement are not good enough, the ACLU argues. Abused teens might not seek emancipation or share information about abuse with a judge out of fear or shame, or might lack the know-how or access to seek emancipation, Bartelt said.

In testimony given to the Illinois Appellate Court this April, the ACLU claimed specifically that the law violates the privacy, equal protection, and gender equality clauses of the state’s constitution.

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