A Mississippi federal court ruled Constance McMillen's First Amendment rights were violated after her high school decided to cancel the prom rather than let her bring a same-sex date allowing the case to proceed on Tuesday.

Although the court did not order the school to reinstate the prom, an alternative prom open to all students is being planned by parents, according to an American Civil Liberties Union press release.

The press release said McMillen plans to attend the alternative prom as well as the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition's Second Chance Prom.

The ACLU is pleased with the court's decision. Christine P. Sun, Senior Counsel with the ACLU national LGBT Project, who represents McMillen along with the ACLU of Mississippi said:

"We are grateful and happy that IAHS's attempt to cancel the prom has been seen for the thinly-veiled ruse to violate Constance McMillen's First Amendment rights that we always knew it was."

"These school officials should be ashamed of themselves for trying to scapegoat a young girl and then trying to lay the blame for their bad behavior at her feet."

ACLU Mississippi legal director Kristy Bennett said she is preparing to take the case to trial, according to "USA Today." A date for trial has not yet been set.

Watch a clip of McMillen on "The Ellen Degeneres Show." This will make you smile.