Copy-cat, extreme anti-abortion bills, similar to those adopted in Texas and other states, have been introduced in the Illinois House, paternalistically scoffing at the notion that women are capable of rational, thoughtful, self-determination on when to have children without legislative oversight.  Under the guise of protecting women, the recycled bills would add onerous and harassing measures which serve no purpose other than to impede access to abortions. Lorie Chaiten, director of the reproductive rights project for the ACLU of Illinois, points out that the Illinois courts have already ruled against some parts of the newly introduced legislation and that abortion providers already are required to meet high safety standards:

“The bottom line is the Illinois Department of Public Health regulates abortion very aggressively already,” Chaiten said. “There is no problem that needs to be answered. These bills don’t do anything to make medical care safer. They’re aimed at making abortion services so expensive and difficult that no one can do it.”

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