K. Sujata, President/CEO of the Chicago Foundation for Women, wrote an op-ed for the Huffington Post about what she is thankful for this holiday season. She gave a thoughtful shout-out to the ACLU of Illinois for our work to keep the Parental Notice of Abortion Act under injunction, and mentions other efforts to protect civil liberties for all Illinoisans.

I'm thankful for young women's health and dignity. In June, the ACLU of Illinois helped keep the Parental Notice of Abortion Act under injunction when it came up in court. If ever enforced, the 1995 law would require physicians to contact a parent of any patient under age 18 seeking abortion services, a humiliating and often dangerous requirement. Most young women talk to a trusted adult about unplanned pregnancy, and those who don't often have a good reason, including fears of homelessness, forced pregnancy or violence.

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