The ACLU will represent Chelsea Manning in a lawsuit against the U.S. military for their failure to provide medical treatment for her gender dysphoria while incarcerated, the Guardian reports. Manning made public her gender identity on the day she was sentenced for sharing classified state secrets with WikiLeaks. Since being detained within the army's facilities, she has been denied the types of treatment needed to address her condition, and has been denied the ability to express her gender. In July, the Department of Defense had agreed to begin initial treatment after the Bureau of Prisons rejected a request for Manning to be transferred to a civilian facility where she would be able to receive proper treatment. However, the only accommodation the army has made since then has been to supply her with female underwear and sports bras to wear. The Guardian spoke with ACLU attorney Chase Strangio:

Chase Strangio, a staff attorney with the ACLU which is representing Manning in the legal action, said in a statement that it had become clear that her treatment had been “governed not by doctors but by Washington officials and dictated not by medicine but by politics”. He added that “treating severe gender dysphoria with sports bras is like treating a gunshot wound with a Band-Aid”.

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