FOX Chicago News reported yesterday on the new data released showing higher rates of consent searches among drivers of color despite lower rates of searches yielding contraband as compared to white drivers. The report, compiled by the Illinois Department of Transportation found that Illinois State Police troopers were 3 times more likely to perform consent searches among African American and Hispanic Motorists. The ACLU of Illinois is urging Governor Pat Quinn to ban consent searches entirely.

Tisha Lewis spoke with ACLU of Illinois Legal Director Harvey Grossman:

“The ACLU worked on that bill but it was spearheaded by then state senator Barack Obama,” Harvey Grossman, legal director at the ACLU of Illinois said.

“Officers just act out on their hunches and it's clear that a hunch which is not based on a specific standard is subjective and whether it is conscious or unconscious it's clear that these officers have these hunches more frequently with black and brown drivers and that those hunches that they have about black and brown drivers are more likely to be wrong.”

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