The Chicago Tribune has a story about the bill that will ensure that Illinois patients have access to full information about their health care options, regardless of the religious affiliation of their health care provider. Senate Bill 1564 would amend the Health Care Right of Conscience Act so that Catholic hospitals and providers would be required to tell patients about options not offered by their facility due to religious doctrine that could be acquired elsewhere. In an effort to advocate for this bill, the ACLU of Illinois has collected stories of Illinois residents who have experienced these kinds of religious refusals. One woman, Angela Valavanis, shared her story with us, and she also spoke with the Tribune, about how she was denied a tubal ligation (tubes tied) at the time of an emergency c-section operation:

"If I had known in advance that was going to be an issue, I would have chosen to give birth at a different hospital," Valavanis said. "Not every community has multiple hospitals. Ours does."

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