The Chicago Sun-Times came out in favor of the Reproductive Health and Access Act this Sunday:

No doctor should have to perform abortions if it violates his ethics or faith. But all health care professionals should be required to inform patients of their full range of legal, medically appropriate choices -- as doctors do in every other area of medicine.

A bill in the Illinois House would do just that -- rewriting current law that wrongly places a doctor's right of refusal over a patient's right to be informed of all medical options. This page wholeheartedly endorses that bill.

The editorial further states:

A doctor, or a colleague on staff, also is obliged under this bill to offer a patient "complete information" about his or her health care options and to assist in obtaining this care. The Catholic Conference objects to this, saying a referral constitutes "material participation" and is a violation of their faith.

This is perhaps the most ethically sensitive part of the bill, but we don't believe it would require anyone to cross a line. The objecting doctor would not have to provide the information or the referral -- someone else on staff could do so. And this is no theoretical matter. It is imperative that a woman in immediate need of care get it, and that a woman who has little time to spare before an abortion becomes illegal or unsafe not waste time looking for help.

We need to ensure that a woman has as many responsible options as possible when it comes to making important personal decisions about her reproductive health care. House Bill 2354 would do just that. Call your legislator today and urge support for the Reproductive Health and Access Act.

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