The Chicago Sun-Times wrote about the ACLU of Illinois' lawsuit asking the city to examine disparities in police deployment rates in an effort to have 9-1-1 calls responded to equitably, regardless of which neighborhoods they are coming from. The Sun-Times spoke with ACLU of Illinois Legal Director Harvey Grossman, as well as Mayor Rahm Emanuel, about the issue.

“Disproportionate numbers of delays in 911 calls have a devastating effect on a neighborhood,” said Harvey Grossman, an attorney for the ACLU.

On Thursday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he understands the basis for the ACLU lawsuit. But he said he’s sought to add resources to high crime districts since he took office.

“We’re ahead of where we were on May 15. We’re not done applying our resources — by holding commanders accountable or applying manpower. But it is not just manpower alone.”

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