The Associated Press spoke with ACLU of Illinois Communications and Public Policy Director Ed Yohnka about the recent statement from FBI Director James Comey that the "era of viral videos" is to blame for increases in crime rates in urban areas throughout the country. As efforts to curb police misconduct shift to rely on technology such as cell phones and police-worn body cams, Comey argues that police behavior has also shifted, and that officers are more anxious and hesitant to engage with civilians. The ACLU of Illinois fought in court and in the legislature to amend Illinois' eavesdropping law, which prohibited civilians from making audio recordings of interactions with law enforcement, and helped to finally pass a bill in December of 2014 that legalized the recording of police in public. Yohnka stated:

"Police officers who respect civilians and the law will only enhance the reputation of their departments when recorded by civilians," Yohnka said. "And officers should be trained to conduct themselves with professionalism regardless of whether a camera is recording them."

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