A Cook County Circuit Court Judge dismissed the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois' lawsuit challenging the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act on Monday.
However, the law will not be enforced until an appeals court can consider the case.
Colleen Connell, Executive Director of the ACLU of Illinois, said the ACLU of Illinois will work diligently to appeal the ruling:

In the wake of today's ruling, we are reviewing our legal options, including an appeal of the Judge's decision. We note that the Judge was careful and blunt in describing the Illinois law as "unfortunate," and in noting that enforcement of the Act will result in horrible outcomes for some young women, including "physical and emotional abuse." However, the Judge ruled in favor of the State because he did not believe that the law would be harmful in every incident where a pregnant minor was compelled to notify a parent of her decision to terminate a pregnancy.
We will move swiftly to take all necessary action so that the real threat of abuse so clearly identified by the Judge can be avoided.

Connell also spoke to Fox News about the judge's ruling: Watch the clip.