Some folks would rather cancel a traditional event than accept the reality of treating lesbian and gay students fairly.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi filed a suit in federal court against the Itawamba School District which recently cancelled prom because a lesbian student petitioned to bring her same-sex date and wear a tuxedo to the event, according to "USA Today."

The suit was filed because the student, Constance McMillen's First Amendment rights were violated. The ACLU said in an article on their website Thursday:

The ACLU asked the court to reinstate the prom for all students and said the First Amendment guarantees students' right to bring same-sex dates to school dances and cites cases holding that other parties' objections don't justify censorship. The ACLU also said that the school further violates McMillen's free expression rights by telling her that she can't wear a tuxedo to the prom.

In a few days the ACLU will ask for a preliminary injunction. Read the full complaint.

McMillen also made an emotional appearance with Christine Sun, Senior Counsel with the ACLU national LGBT Project, who represents McMillen along with the ACLU of Mississippi on "The Early Show" Friday morning. Watch the clip.

Sun said in the ACLU's article, "It's shameful and cowardly of the school district to have canceled the prom and to try to blame Constance, who's only standing up for herself. We will fight tooth and nail for the prom to be reinstated for all students."

Check out the Facebook group for people who want to support McMillen, Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend to Prom.