We need you to make two calls to support reproductive rights in Illinois.

After calling the numbers below you will hear a short script and be connected to your legislators.


Call 1: Support the Reproductive Health Act

The Reproductive Health Act repeals dangerous laws that could make abortion care, and birth control criminal in Illinois, should Roe be overruled. Find out more about the bill here.

Call 217-993-8096 to be connected to your state representative and tell them to support the Reproductive Health Act.


Call 2: Support the repeal of the Parental Notice of Abortion Law

The law currently compels pregnant minors to tell a parent about their decision to have an abortion. When a minor cannot tell a parent, when it is too dangerous for example, that minor must go to court and tell a judge intimate life details. Minors can make every other decision about their medical care except the decision to terminate a pregnancy. Find out more about the bill here.

Call 217-615-5616 to be connected to your state senator and tell them to support ending forced parental involvement. 


Thank you for taking action!