As reports continue to reveal the spread of the coronavirus in detention settings, we want to open up ways for individuals in custody, their loved ones, or anyone else with important information, to report problems, concerns, and other information regarding COVID-19 in Illinois jails, prisons, or other detention facilities. Collecting this information allows ACLU of Illinois staff to monitor developing trends, learn about systemic problems and shortfalls, and hopefully provide advocacy and assistance in emergency situations.

Due to limited staffing capacity, we are not able to individually respond to every email and text we receive through the hotline. However, we ask those reporting issues leave a phone number or email address where they can be reached so that we can follow up as needed, if that is possible.

Concerns surrounding Illinois jails, prisons, or other detention facilities that are not related to COVID-19 should continue to be sent to our office at 150 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60601.


Hotline Information


Voice mailbox or text: 312-869-9561