House Bill 4085 – Abortion Ultrasound Mandate

House Bill 4085 creates a state mandate that physicians offer a medically-unnecessary ultrasound to all patients seeking an abortion.  A woman who does not undergo the medically-unnecessary procedure must decline the physician’s mandated offer in writing, using a form that would be collected and stored by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  At a hearing in Springfield, House Bill 4085 sponsor Representative Joseph Lyons told the Illinois House Agricultural and Conservation Committee that the bill was not about “women’s health.”   He acknowledged that the real “purpose” of the bill was to limit abortions in the State of Illinois.

Chicago physician Allison Cowett gave riveting testimony about the harm HB 4085 inflicts on women when ultrasound is used as weapon in the war against abortion and contraception rather than as medical test for diagnosis and treatment. Speaking compellingly about the emotional harm women who need abortions to save their lives or health – or because the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest – would suffer, she urged the Committee to vote “no” on the Bill.

It is time for politicians to stay out of women’s health care. Tell your legislators: Say NO to HB 4085!