House Bill 3027 – The Sexual Health Education Bill

HB 3027 – The Sexual Health Education Bill – aims to modernize Illinois’ sex education law and create a standard for existing sexual health education courses.

Students in grades 6-12 need information and education to make healthy and responsible decisions about all aspects of their sexual health. This education empowers teens with the best prevention tools. Sexual health curricula must be updated and based on the latest scientific information.  HB 3027 would require existing sex ed programs to teach complete, medically accurate, and developmentally and age-appropriate content.

HB 3027 gives school districts the flexibility to choose among numerous eligible curricula, and curricula are required to stress abstinence as the only 100% ensured method of avoiding unintended pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS, but also teach about contraceptive options as a means of prevention. Parents can opt to remove their children from any sex ed class for any reason.

Tell your State Representative: Support The Sexual Health Education Bill.