Request a Speaker

ACLU speakers crisscross the state each year, discussing civil liberties issues relevant to America at schools and universities, houses of worship, community centers and other venues.

In 2004, for example, ACLU of Illinois speakers discussed the impact of post-9/11 Bush Administration policies and how they infringed on our Constitutional rights at hundreds of venues. This year, ACLU speakers have discussed the details of Illinois’ new civil unions law, abolition of the death penalty, reproductive rights and sexual health education in Illinois and our legal work on behalf of people with disabilities. We also regularly discuss other topics such as ACLU cases, legislative battles and initiatives, the history of our organization and the fight to extend fairness to all Americans.

ACLU of Illinois speakers are available without charge, although honorariums are welcome. Speakers include Colleen Connell, Executive Director of the ACLU of Illinois, Harvey Grossman, Legal Director, Mary Dixon, Legislative Director, Edwin Yohnka, Communications Director, Allie Carter, Senior Field Manager and other staff from our legal department.

To request a speaker, please contact us. While we endeavor to meet all requests, several weeks advance notice is appreciated.