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Protect access to reproductive health care in Illinois – A new measure, House Bill 40, affirms our state’s commitment to ensuring access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion. The protections guaranteed by this bill ensure that Illinois will not revert back to pre-Roe days when abortion was criminalized. Also, this bill ensures that women who depend on Medicaid and State Employee Health Insurance have abortion coverage. A woman must be able to consider all options, regardless of how much money she makes, where she lives, or where she gets her health insurance. Take action: tell your state senator to support House Bill 40!

Reform Civil Asset Forfeiture: End Policing for Profit in Illinois – Did you know that your property can be permanently taken away by the government even if you are never charged with a crime? Each year in Illinois, $40 million or more in cash, cars, and even homes is seized through something called civil asset forfeiture. Tell your state representative and senator to support civil asset forfeiture reform!

Fight for fairness for transgender Illinoisans – At a time when so many in Washington seem intent on hurting our transgender neighbors, loved ones and friends, Illinois can move forward in respecting the gender of transgender and intersex persons. House Bill 1785 allows transgender and intersex Illinoisans to correct the gender marker on their birth certificates without unnecessary, expensive and unwanted surgery, updating the standard to defer to what people and their medical providers determine is medically appropriate treatment for them. Let your state representative know that you support this important measure.


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