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    • Putting Patients First – You may be shocked to learn that current Illinois law permits doctors, nurses and other health care providers to deny information and health care to their patients based on the providers’ religious beliefs.This law is wrong and must be changed in order to put patients first. Under Senate Bill 1564, health care providers can assert religious objections to providing care and information, but must have in place protocols designed to ensure that the patient gets the information needed to make an informed medical decision. Tell your state representative to support this measure.
    • Decriminalizing Marijuana – House Bill 218, now in the Illinois Senate, replaces criminal charges with modest fines of less than $125 for possession of 15 grams or less of marijuana. More than 75 cities and towns across Illinois already have enacted local ordinances removing criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana, so House Bill 218 creates a uniform system. Tell Governor Rauner to sign this bill.
    • Protect domestic violence survivors – More than 100 communities across Illinois have adopted and implemented so-called “crime free” or “nuisance” ordinances that require landlords to push out tenants if police are sent to the address regarding alleged criminal activity. Senate Bill 1547, which passed unanimously in both chambers of the Illinois legislature, fixes this problem by barring local governments from enacting or enforcing ordinances that penalize tenants when police are called in response to domestic or sexual violence, criminal activity or other emergencies. Tell Governor Rauner to sign this bill when it comes to his desk.
    • Reform Stop-and-Frisk in Illinois – The widespread use of stop and frisk in Chicago will strike many as the most startling finding of our stop-and-frisk report. Today we know that the City has become the nation’s leaders in stop-and-frisk by police. It’s time to restore community trust and reform stop-and-frisk. Call your legislators!

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