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Putting Patients First – We — all of us — have scored a major victory for all health care patients in Illinois. Governor Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 1564 into law, an amendment to Illinois’ overly-broad Health Care Right of Conscience Act. The amendment, which goes into effect on January 1, 2017, is simple: it says that patients must get information about their own medical condition when a health care provider has a religious or moral objection to any particular treatment. Thank Governor Rauner for putting patients first. 

Stingray Surveillance – The Citizen Privacy Protection Act (Senate Bill 2343 and House Bill 4470) sponsored by State Senator Daniel Biss and State Representative Ann Williams, would create statewide regulations for the use of powerful surveillance technology known as “Stingrays,” to prevent warrantless mass surveillance. The use of a Stingray is like a virtual pat down of your phone without your knowing the pat down occurred. Stingrays simulate cell phone network towers, tricking all mobile devices within a certain range into connecting by masquerading as the strongest nearby signal. Say thank you to your state representative for voting to support Stingray regulation in Illinois.


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