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Protect access to reproductive health care in Illinois – A new measure, House Bill 40, affirms our state’s commitment to ensuring access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion. Without the protections guaranteed by this bill, Illinois law could revert back to pre-Roe days when abortion was criminalized. Also, this bill ensures that women who depend on Medicaid and State Employee Health Insurance have abortion coverage. A woman must be able to consider all options, regardless of how much money she makes, where she lives, or where she gets her health insurance. Take action: tell your state representative to support House Bill 40!

Putting Patients First – We — all of us — have scored a major victory for all health care patients in Illinois. Governor Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 1564 into law, an amendment to Illinois’ overly-broad Health Care Right of Conscience Act. The amendment, which goes into effect on January 1, 2017, is simple: it says that patients must get information about their own medical condition when a health care provider has a religious or moral objection to any particular treatment. Thank Governor Rauner for putting patients first. 


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