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    • Retain Traffic Stop Data – Illinois law requires the collection of data on traffic stops, including the race of the driver and provides law enforcement agencies with resources to address “potential racial bias.” Law enforcement agencies have reported the data each year, and many have used the information to alter training programs, policies and procedures related to interacting with civilians. Now, we need the Illinois General Assembly to make the law permanent. House Bill 4442 will remove the sunset date on the legislation, assuring that this resource is available for law enforcement agencies moving forward. Please contact your state senator today.


    • It’s time for marijuana reform – Illinois should join the list of states that impose a civil fine for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. It’s a policy that makes sense because it is fair, it is likely to save the state money and a majority in the nation support reforming our marijuana laws. Tell your state representative to support House Bill 5708.


    • Fight Pregnancy Discrimination – No woman should lose her job — or be forced to take unpaid leave — simply because she is starting a family. Sadly, today too many pregnant workers are forced out of their jobs because they are denied temporary, reasonable work modifications — like sitting on a stool, carrying a water bottle or getting a break from lifting heavy boxes. Without these temporary accommodations, some women may place their health and pregnancies at risk. Tell your state senator to stand up to pregnancy discrimination by supporting House Bill 8.


  • End bullying in Illinois schools –  House Bill 5707 helps schools and officials respond to bullying by creating best model policies and practices to address on-going situations. It mandates the communications that school officials need to have with parents when bullying is reported. And, it requires schools report annually about incidents of bullying and how they were addressed — without identifying the students involved.  Tell your state senator to support this measure.


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