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  • Protect Location Privacy — For most of us, our smartphones and other electronic devices are integrated fully in to our lives — we couldn’t live without them! Yet few of us realize that our iPhones, tablets, and other electronic devices, have profoundly expanded the surveillance capabilities of law enforcement agencies at the expense of individual privacy. Law enforcement can access the location tracking records of these devices, including a great deal about who you are, where you go, and what you value. Senate Bill 2808 protects privacy by requiring a court order based on probable cause of crime before law enforcement can access current or future information from an individual’s electronic device with narrow exceptions, including specific emergencies. Thank Governor Pat Quinn for signing the location tracking bill.

  • Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace — House Bill 8 addresses an old problem — discrimination in employment against women who are pregnant. Now, under Illinois law no woman is forced to choose between a healthy pregnancy and her job. The measure promotes workplace fairness by requiring employers in Illinois to make reasonable accommodations for conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions. Thank Governor Quinn for signing HB 8 into law!

  • Ban consent searches in Illinois — Throughout Illinois, there is a dramatic racial disparity in police use of so-called “consent searches” during routine traffic stops. This is shown by a decade of government data about consent searches collected and published under the Illinois Traffic Stop Statistical Study Act of 2003 (“Study Act”). Statewide, African American and Latino motorists are nearly twice as likely as white drivers to be asked during a consent search. Yet white motorists are 49% more likely than African American motorists to have contraband, and 56% more likely when compared to Latinos. Tell Governor Quinn to take a stand against racial profiling and ban consent searches.

  • Ending bullying in Illinois schools –  The new anti-bullying law helps schools and officials respond to bullying by creating best model policies and practices to address on-going situations. It mandates the communications that school officials need to have with parents when bullying is reported. And, it requires schools report annually about incidents of bullying and how they were addressed — without identifying the students involved. Thank Governor Quinn for signing the Anti-Bullying bill.

  • It’s time for marijuana reform – Illinois should join the list of states that impose a civil fine for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. It’s a policy that makes sense because it is fair, it is likely to save the state money and a majority in the nation support reforming our marijuana laws. Tell your state representative to support marijuana reform in Illinois.


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